Clear Cut Classroom: Finding The Perfect Ring Size

Today, we’re talking about the question we always get: How do I find the perfect ring size!? Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about sizing!

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This happens all the time: you’ve chosen the perfect stone and setting -- the ring is perfect! Now we’re ready to get the ring into production but... we don’t know the ring size!! Finding the ring size of your partner is tricky because most people want to be discreet about it!

There are a few different ways to get the perfect size. First, you can always stop by a jewelry store or come by our office to get sized with a professional sizer. Essentially you work your way through trial and error, trying on different sizes until you find the perfect one! Make sure you have a little bit of struggle when you put the ring on, especially over the knuckle area. This will ensure that the ring doesn’t fall off if you shake or wave your hand.

You can also get a plastic ring sizer -- they’re super easy to find online! Again, you will work through trial and error to find a size that feels perfect.  If you have absolutely no idea what size you should get -- you can also steal a ring (super sneaky!) and take it to a jewelry store. The jewelry can see what size it is for you with a sizing tool. 

I recommend everyone know their ring sizes -- it is a good thing to always know! Plus, tell your mom, best friend, sister or anyone so that your fiance will know!


We know that sizing can be tricky! That’s why our first size is always complimentary. Another thing we can do is add tiny balls on the bottom inside of the ring. These will help your ring from shifting around if you have a larger stone that tends to fall to one side. 

To sum it all up, here are our top sizing tips:

1. Your ring should be comfortable to wear every day.

2. You should have a little bit of struggle when you try to take it on and off.

3. That you’re not feeling like it’s not cutting off circulation, but tight enough so that it feels secure when you wave/shake your hand. 

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