Clear Cut Classroom: Starting Your Fine Jewelry Collection

Want to start your fine jewelry collection? Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’ve got you covered! These are the best pieces to get you started.

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A fine jewelry collection will last you a lifetime, but it is hard to know where to start! People ask me all the time about the best pieces that never go out of style. Keep reading to hear about how I started my collection and my recommendations for investing in classic pieces.

1. Classic Diamond Studs

I tell all my clients that the best place to start is with a pair of diamond studs. I got my first pair when I turned 18 and I literally never took them off. If you get the right pair, they will become a part of you! Here are some things to look out for: Make sure the diamonds are a good match. If the diamond is less than .5 carats, it probably won’t be GIA certified. If you are working with an expert, this is nothing to worry about. You can definitely compromise on color and clarity since they will be in your ear, but that being said I recommend sticking to SI 2 or above for clarity. As always, you don’t want any eye visible inclusions. In terms of color, we recommend a J or K color and make sure it faces up bright and white.

2. Classic Bezel Pendant

The next piece I recommend would be a diamond pendant. This is our classic diamond bezel pendant and it never goes out of style. Quality wise, stick to the clarity and color we recommend for studs: no eye visible inclusions and a bright, white color. The diamond bezel pendant is a great piece because it becomes a part of you, just like a great pair of studs. I never take mine off because it transitions from day to night effortlessly. It is also something you can pass down for generations!

3. Diamond Tennis Bracelet 

A diamond tennis bracelet is a must-have! It elevates any outfit and can be worn at any age. We use high-quality diamonds that match each other exactly. Plus, our new diamond tennis necklace is one of the most versatile pieces you can own since you can wear it three ways!

At a choker length, it is a fun addition to a simple t-shirt or a dress. At a classic necklace length, it is a lovely and ladylike look. Or at it’s shortest length, it as a double wrapped bracelet! Three pieces, all in one.

4. Graduated Diamond Band

If you want to start your ring collection, our new graduated diamond band is timeless and classic. It can stand on its own and it is also great for stacking.

I designed each of these pieces as timeless additions to your collection. I started mine with the exact same pieces! They are so personal to me and I hope you love them as much as I do! How do you want to start your fine jewelry collection? Let us know in the comments below!