Clear Cut Classroom: When To Resize Your Ring

Ring feeling too tight or loose after a few months? You’re not alone!! Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’re talking about what when it is time to resize your ring! Watch the video here:

How you want your engagement ring to fit is different from how most other rings should fit. When you wear your engagement ring, you want it to feel more secure than another ring you might wear everyday. Personally, I like mine to be a bit tighter so I have peace of mind. 

It’s totally normal for your ring size to fluctuate. It happens to all of us! If it is colder outside, your fingers may be skinner and your ring might feel looser. If it’s hot and humid, you’ve had a couple of drinks, or food high in sodium, it’s also normal for your ring to fit a bit tighter!! Regardless of the time of year, you want to make sure that there is a bit of a struggle when you take off your ring. If it is too tight and you have to really struggle and wiggle your finger a lot -- here is a little trick! Instead of using lotion, use Windex! It ALWAYS helps! If your ring feels like it’s going to fly off if you wave your hand a lot -- it is too big!

If you are like many women out there who have skinnier fingers and thicker knuckles, you may want to add small metal balls to the inside instead of resizing the whole thing. If you got engaged in summer, your ring might feel looser in winter -- this is totally normal. As long as you feel like your ring won’t fall off, you should be fine!

One thing to keep in mind: it is much easier to resize a pave ring that doesn't have diamonds going all the way around. It is also a safer choice so the diamonds on the bottom don’t fall off!

To recap, your ring size can fluctuate -- it is all about you feeling comfortable and secure! It is super easy to resize :) Comment below what you want to see next week!