Before scheduling a call 

💎 How does the process work? 

First, schedule an appointment with one of our gemologists. You can do that here. Next, you will get an email notification from gem. to create your account. At each step in the process (from choosing the perfect diamond, to creating the design, and shipping the ring) you will get an email notification. We’re so excited that you’re using gem!

💎 Can I come for an in person appointment? 

We can accommodate in person appointments in our NYC showroom. We always start the process with an initial phone consultation to understand your preferences. Schedule a call here

💎 Why can’t I see the pricing for diamonds? 

Each diamond is hand selected and we create bespoke rings. Because everything is custom, our pricing is based on your specific piece. 

💎 How long does the process take? 

We recommend starting the process 2-3 months before you want to propose to allow for enough time to design, create and ship your perfect ring! 

💎 Who will I be talking to? 

You will be working directly with our expert GIA graduate gemologists from our team, here at The Clear Cut  

💎 What are your hours of operation?

By appointment only 9am-5:30pm on weekdays.

💎 Where are you based? 

We’re based in New York City!

💎 Do you work with people across the country or world?

Yes! Many of our clients are from across the country and world! Because of our remote process, we can work with you from any location.  

💎 Additional questions? 

You can watch our Clear Cut Classroom episodes to learn more about all things diamonds here! Head to our Instagram @theclearcut to see the bespoke pieces we make!

💎 Do you work with couples that are shopping together or just one person?

Some couples want to work together to create a ring and sometimes, we just have one person… it’s up to you!

💎 Do you work with same sex couples? 

We work with ALL couples! Whether you want to be involved in the ring design, design rings for each other, or anything in between, we’re here to make the ring of your dreams. 


💎 What settings can you do?

Each kind of setting is custom made which means we can do any setting you want! 

💎 Do you sell colored diamonds?

Yes! We sell natural untreated GIA certified fancy colored diamonds. We do not specialize in colored gemstones like emeralds or rubies. 

💎 Are your diamonds natural? 

Yes! All of our diamonds are 100% natural, untreated, GIA certified diamonds.

💎 Do work with or sell lab grown diamonds or moissanites?

We do not sell or work with lab grown diamonds or moissanites. We only work with and sell natural untreated diamonds.  

💎 Are your diamonds GIA certified?

Yes! All of our diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America and we include the certification with our engagement rings. 

💎 Can I sell my diamond to you or upgrade my diamond?

No, we do not buy diamonds.

💎 Can I reset my ring? 

Yes! If your diamond is natural and certified, we are happy to reset your ring with a fee. 

💎 How does the diamond selection process work? 

Your personal gemologist will curate a selection of diamonds for you based on your preferences. From there, you can select your favorite diamond, or give us feedback so we find you the perfect one!

💎 How do you source your diamonds? 

We partner with some of the largest manufactures in the US and overseas to handpick the perfect selection of diamonds for you.

💎 Do you hold inventory?

We don't keep inventory! We curate every selection specifically for each client.

💎 How long does it take to make a decision?

Once you have a selection of diamonds, we can only hold those options off the market for up to one week. We would love feedback within the next two days so we can continue to guide you to the perfect diamond!

💎 How does payment work?

Once you choose your diamond, we only ask for a ⅓ deposit so we can ensure that the diamond is yours. We ask for a full payment 75 days after the deposit or right before shipping.

💎 What types of payment do you accept? 

We make it easy for you to pay with either credit card (+3%) or a wire transfer. 

💎 Do you do financing? 

No, we do not. 

Ring Design

💎 What metals do you work with?

We work with 18K and 14K white, yellow and rose gold, as well as platinum. 

💎 What options do I have? 

The options are limitless! You can have side stones, a solitaire, pave, and so much more! Head to our Instagram @theclearcut to get inspired!

💎 What if I don't know the finger size? 

No problem! We offer a ring sizer here!

💎 Can I show you photos of example rings?

Yes! If you see photos of rings you like, save them and show them to us! We can use photos to help create your custom ring.

💎 Where are your rings made?

All of our rings are handmade right here in New York City!

💎 Are your rings custom?

Yes! All of our rings are made just for you!

💎 How long does it take to create? 

It usually takes 3-6 weeks to craft a ring, but if you have a specific date, let us know!

💎 Any tips on ring care? 

See our blog post on fine jewelry care here!


💎 How do you ship the ring?

We send the ring first class overnight in a discreet, unmarked box.

💎 Is the package insured? 

Yes! Your package is insured during transit.

💎 Do I need to sign for it 

Yes! Your ring will require a signature. 

💎 Does it come with a ring box or do I have to get my own? 

Your ring will come with a ring box.

💎 Where can I ship to?

You can ship to a residence or office where a trusted adult can sign for it. You can also ship to a nearby FedEx facility if you prefer to pick it up.  

💎 How long does it take? 

We do overnight shipping! It will arrive the next day during the work week.

💎 When will it arrive? 

The package will arrive before noon local time. 

💎 What happens if I want to change the address? 

If you want to change the address, let us know by noon of the day we’re shipping your ring. 

💎 When do you ship it?

We only ship Monday-Thursday.

Next steps 

💎 How can I be a Clear Cut Couple?

We would LOVE to feature your story! Let us know when you get engaged and we will send you a questionnaire! Send us an email at olivia@theclearcut.co!

💎 Can you resize my ring?

Yes! Your first resize if complementary and any resizes after that are $50. We recommend not resizing too many times because it can hurt the structure of the ring. Keep in mind your ring size can fluctuate with the seasons and that's totally normal!

💎 Do you offer a warranty? 

Yes! See our warranty policy here.

💎 What happens if I damage my ring? 

If you damage your ring within the first 6 months, any repairs are complimentary. Any wear and tear beyond 6 months, there may be fees associated. Please see our warranty for more information here

💎 Do you offer cleaning services? 

Yes! Your ring has free lifetime cleaning and polishing, but you are responsible for sending it to us.