Warranty Policy & Information

Every Clear Cut piece is handcrafted in New York City. We offer a manufacturer's warranty with every custom ring and stand behind the integrity of every custom piece we make.

Normal Wear & Tear: Our warranty covers anything related directly to the manufacturing process. With designs that include diamonds, there’s a risk of stone loss with normal wear and tear. Within six months, we will repair any damage at no charge. After six months, we will pass on the cost of the repair.

We carefully inspect each ring to determine the cause of the damage and if the repair is covered under our warranty. If we find the damage to be the fault of the wearer and not the manufacturer, we will happily repair your ring, but you will be responsible for the cost of repair. For example, if we find a diamond is missing because a prong is broken or lifted, this is an indication the wearer damaged the ring and therefore, would not be covered under the warranty.

Taking proper care of your ring will minimize the risk of stone loss. Any loss that is manufacturing related is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Make sure to discuss any stone loss you've experienced with Olivia directly at Olivia@theclearcut.co.

Inspection: We suggest you have your diamond or gemstone ring inspected regularly (every twelve months or so) and repaired if necessary. For clients that are located remotely you can ship it to us for inspection.

Insurance: We highly recommend getting an insurance plan for your ring to make sure it gets repaired or replaced when needed. Jewelry can be fragile — even a perfectly made ring may fall victim to being knocked against hard surfaces.

Ways to Void Your Warranty: It's standard for jewelers to be able to void a manufacturer's warranty if the rules are not followed. For example, should you bring our engagement ring to an outside jeweler this may void it. Each jeweler is independent of each other, so it's best to continue with your original jeweler for the best results. The jeweler who crafts the ring and knows their product is the best person to take care of adjustments without complication. We are always happy to help you adjust or fine tune your ring to perfection.