Behind the Bling: Mother's Day

What makes jewelry so unique from other things we buy and covet? Unlike a pair of shoes or a handbag, jewelry can hold deep sentimental value and be passed down and loved for generations.

No matter how much of a jewelry lover you are, every woman has a piece (or several pieces) of jewelry that are special to her. Most women have pieces that they wear Every. Single. Day.

 I am guilty of this. I don’t think I have taken off my diamond studs or my small diamond pendant for at least two years… these pieces have become a part of me, like a tattoo. At this point, if I lost my jewelry I would feel like an entire piece of me was missing!

I have always been curious and fascinated to learn more about the types of jewelry women gravitate towards.

 I am excited to announce that this will be the first of many posts that will dive deeper into women’s jewelry boxes! This series will profile different amazing women, and give insight behind their favorite jewelry pieces.

In honor of Mother’s Day, and the most amazing woman I know, I decided it was only natural to kick off this series profiling my mother’s favorite jewels.

My mother is the most passionate jewelry lover I have ever met. She loves jewelry so much that she made a career of it, owning her own antique jewelry business. My childhood revolved around kitchen tables covered in rare Edwardian and Victorian pieces and sitting in the corner of booths at antique jewelry conventions. My mother’s taste is jewelry is far more sophisticated than mine. She isn’t distracted by the sparkle and glitz of a big round brilliant diamonds. She is all about the rarity and the charm of old pieces. It is safe to say that antique jewelry is her jewelry of choice.

When I asked to write about her three favorite pieces of jewelry at the moment, I thought she would have a difficult time choosing, but I was wrong. She immediately pulled out a Victorian Necklace/Tiara, and Antique Carved Sapphire and Natural Pearl Bracelet, and an Antique Enamel and Diamond Brooch.

Victorian Necklace/Tiara

This piece is extremely unique because it is multifunctional- it can be worn as a lovely statement necklace or a tiara (depending on the appropriate occasion). This piece is from the Victorian era and is made from silver on gold. It features natural pearls and old mine cut diamonds. “I love this piece because although it is a large piece it looks subtle. It isn’t flashy,” says my mom. “I like the charm of the old mine cut diamonds and the rarity of the natural pearls- they aren’t produced anymore.”

Antique Sapphire and Natural Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet features a carved unheated natural Ceylon Sapphire and strands of natural pearls with diamonds. My mother loves this piece because of the rarity of the elements, “It is very unusual to have such a large carved natural sapphire. And of course, natural pearls.” She also appreciates the workmanship, “The workmanship is very unique and delicate. This is a one of a kind piece. You cannot manufacture something like this anymore.”

Antique Enamel Brooch

This silver on gold double brooch dates back to the 1880’s and features old European cut and rose cut diamonds enhanced by green enamel. “I appreciate anything rare,” my mom says. “You cannot copy this enamel work; this piece is irreplaceable.”

My mother is a lover of jewelry that is one-of-a-kind and rare. She loves a piece with history and exquisite workmanship behind it. I wish that one day I can develop half the eye and taste my mom has for these wearable pieces of art. 


If you, or anyone you know, have unique jewelry pieces with great stories behind them- please email me to be featured!