Example Blog

Here is the original, full size

Below is the same original photo. I manually moved the corner to make the photo dimensions 310 by 202 -- this function does not work because the photos are the same size. 



Below is when I add a smaller "compact" option which should be 160 by 160 -- also quality is compromised. All of the preset sizes compromise quality and do not actually change the size of the photo. 


Below is what shopify looks like on my end. The photos between 1 and 2 are different sizes. Photo 3 is compromised quality. 


The bolding does not always work. The titles are light gray and generally don't look like proper titles. Spacing between the headings is also wrong. 

This is bold

This is not

  • test
  • test
  • test
  1. test
  2. test

This is heading 1

This is also heading 1 bolded

This is heading 2

This is heading 2 bolded

This is heading 3

This is heading 3 bolded

This is heading 4 --> I used the color picker to manually change this to black.

This is beading 4 bolded

This is heading 5
This is heading 5 bolded

This is a block quote. This is bold. This is not.

This is what shopify looks like on my end: