Clear Cut Classroom: Balancing the 4 C's for Emerald Cuts

We’re in LOVE with emeralds! They’re classic, timeless and simply stunning. Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’re breaking down the 4 C’s for emerald cuts!

 Watch the full video here:

For emerald cuts, it’s important to maximize some of the C’s and compromise on the others. Emeralds are totally different than round cuts (see our last episode!) because they have step faceting. This means they have facets that “step” into the center of the stone. They are not as sparkly as round brilliants, but their unique cut gives larger flashes of light.


One area we can compromise is the color. Their step cut faceting in color well, so you’re able to go lower in color while still having the diamond face up white. I recommend sticking to a J color and above unless it is a really special stone. Once we pass J, we see a little bit of warmth, but above that, it should be bright and white.


In terms of clarity, it is the total opposite! Their step faceting shows inclusions and leaves them nowhere to hide. I recommend prioritizing clarity for emerald cuts and sticking to VS2 and up in clarity. As always, make sure there are no eye visible inclusions. I have seen some SI1s that are completely eye clean! These are rare to come by, but AMAZING finds!


At the end of the day, our budget and priorities dictate which C’s we care most about. It is all about balancing and prioritizing the quality that is most important to us. Some people really value color and higher clarity because they do not care as much about the carat weight. Other people want to prioritize the carat weight and are willing to compromise on the color and clarity.

In summary, for emeralds, they mask color well, but do not mask inclusions well and balancing the 4 C’s depends on your preferences. Which of the C’s would you prioritize for an emerald cut? Let us know in the comments below!!


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