Clear Cut Couples: Carly and Devin

Carly and Devin met 4 years ago at the University of Florida and have been inseparable ever since. Carly and I grew up together in Miami Beach and have been friends for over half of our lives.

When Devin asked me to help find her the perfect engagement ring, I was honored and thrilled. Since he was planning on surprising her, it was hard to extract any information about what type of ring she wanted without giving the surprise away.

Throughout our lives, Carly’s personal style always had a trendy edge, but when it came to her nicer more expensive pieces she always gravitated to a classic and timeless look. I suggested that Devin couldn’t go wrong with an elegant classic ring. With my help, he decided to go for a gorgeous round brilliant diamond set in a 6 prong platinum solitaire ring with a knife edge shank. This timeless design would never go out of style, and could always be dressed up by a blingy wedding band if she decided she wanted more sparkle.

Devin planned on proposing to Carly in Greece over the summer. He carried her ring in a secret compartment in his belt for over 3 weeks.

He finally popped the question after dinner at their hotel room in Greece with roses and champagne. Carly was so surprised and overwhelmed that she put her ring on the wrong hand!

When it came time to choose wedding bands Carly had a difficult time figuring out what type of band would compliment her engagement ring and fit her personal style.

Carly’s style is classic but with an edgy twist. She didn’t want to just have a plain platinum band or even a classic diamond band, fearing it would look too traditional.

Eventually she decided to get two wedding bands: a more classic platinum thin diamond band and yellow gold band with a twisted rope motif.  For sentimental value, we set a small diamond from her great grandmother’s pin and engraved her and Devin’s initials with their wedding date on the inside of her yellow gold band.

Now she has a three ring stack that she can wear all together or interchangeable. She also loves that she can wear both white or yellow gold jewelry with it, since she has one piece that ties everything together. The moral of the story is that you can combine the traditional with the edgy and still create a look that won’t appear dated 20 years down the road. 



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