The Clear Cut Classroom: Cushion vs. Round

Ever wonder about the difference between cushion cuts and round brilliant? We’ve got you covered. Inspired by questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’re breaking down the differences in clarity, color, and more!

Watch the full video here:  

Round brilliants are the best way to say YES to sparkle. Just like with any diamond, it’s important to consider cut, carat, color, clarity (aka the 4 C’s). Round brilliants hold more weight at the top, this means they look bigger because they take up more space on your finger. Plus, they’re great at camouflaging inclusions and masking color. This gives you more flexibility when choosing the perfect stone. Be sure to have an excellent or very good cut, this will make sure your stone looks even and sparkles as much as possible.

With cushion cuts, think of a pillow cushion! These stones are rounded on the edges and are simply, classic. Compared to a round cut of the same carat weight, they look a bit smaller since they’re bottom heavy. While cushion cuts don’t sparkle as much as round brilliants, they still shine from every angle! They’re also good at camouflaging inclusions, but don't mask color, as well as round brilliants, do, which is why we recommend prioritizing color.  

Key takeaways:

1. Round brilliant’s will get max sparkle and size. They are great at masking color and camouflaging inclusions (make sure they’re not visible to the naked eye). Make sure you have an excellent to very good cut grade!

2. To make a cushion cut look bigger, up the carat weight. Make sure you prioritize color. For clarity, make sure you cannot see any to the naked eye, as well.

We’re in LOVE with both of these stones! What do you prefer? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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