How To Drop The Hint

Your engagement ring is one piece of jewelry that should really look and feel like you! You will hopefully be wearing this ring for the rest of your life so it is important that you get something you love.

The goal is to get the romantic proposal you’ve always wanted AND your perfect ring.

Here are some tips to make his search easier and ensure you get the ring that you want without sacrificing the surprise.


1-     Pinterest:  Set up a wedding/engagement ring inspo board on your Pinterest page. Make sure you have done your research and pin consistent images. For instance, if you want a pave halo cushion cut don’t post pictures of round brilliant solitaires. Men are simple and get confused very quickly, so make it easy for him to understand what you want.

2-     Celebrity Style: Spark casual conversation about a newly engaged celebrity’s ring. For instance, “Have you seen Blake Lively’s engagement ring? The oval set in rose gold with pave is to die for. That’s exactly what I would want one day ;).” This way he will have the celebrity’s name in mind to Google later on.

3-     Shop Around:  Go window shopping or take an impromptu peak inside a jewelry store. As you are browsing , make sure to point out your dream ring. While you are there get your finger sized… just for fun, of course.  Hopefully he will take some mental notes!

4-    Friend Game: Enlist a trustworthy friend, sister, or even your mother to be the go-to person for your ring. Make sure this person knows EXACTLY what you want- from the type of metal, to diamond shape, to finger size. Equip this person with a photo of the ring you want and/or the aesthetic you want to achieve. It is important to make sure your guy knows that this is the person to talk to when the time comes.

These simple hints will take the guess work out of this milestone moment and leave you with your perfect ring.



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