How to Get the Ring Size Right

One of the main concerns when buying an engagement ring is getting her ring size right. There are several tricks you can try to get her ring size as close as possible the first time (and no, none of them involve tying a piece of string on her finger while she’s asleep). I usually suggest people try to get the ring size as close as possible, and to steer towards larger rather than smaller. The most important part is that she can get it over her knuckle during the proposal! Most engagement rings can also easily be re-sized.

See below for some of my tricks on getting her ring size right the first time:

 1-Get sized: The most obvious and fool proof way to get her ring size right that first time is to go to a jewelry store and get her finger sized. It is likely that if you are thinking of proposing that you have had conversations about the ring. Many couples go together to “ring shop” to get ideas of the style ring she would like before actually taking the plunge. When you are in the store browsing styles, ask the salesperson to size her finger. Make sure not to forget the size when the actual time comes- so keep a mental note, or better yet, jot it down in your phone or email somewhere.

2-“Borrow” her ring: Another way you can try to figure out her ring size is by stealthily “borrowing” one of her everyday rings. By doing this, you are holding onto some of the surprise, but you might not be as accurate. Every finger measures slightly different, and it is likely she is not wearing a ring on her left hand ring finger before she is engaged. However, this method gets you as close as possible to her actual finger size without giving the surprise away. Also, make sure you put her ring back just where you found it before she has time to notice that it is gone.

3- Guesstimate: Although this method may be the least accurate, you would be surprised how often we get pretty close to her finger size by making an educated guess. The average ring finger size is a 6- so if she is petite and has smaller hands her finger is likely to be around a size 4.5-5.5. If she has larger hands  her finger size is most likely between 6.5-7.5. Finger size also depends on which hand is dominant. The dominant hand is usually around 1 size larger.

Do not worry if you don’t get her ring size right the first time around. Most rings are very easy to size up or down by a skilled jeweler. When designing the ring, I would suggest not putting diamonds all the way around the band and leaving a small “sizing bar” of plain metal at the base of the ring. That way, if she ever would need to re-size the ring, it can be done without remaking the entire thing. 


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