Oval Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds are quickly becoming one of the most popular fancy shape diamonds! There is just something about their gently curved edges, elongated silhouette, and brilliant faceting that makes them extremely finger flattering (and sparkly).

Unlike round brilliant diamonds, when it comes to ovals (and other fancy shapes) there is no specific cut grade. The silhouette of oval you like is very subjective. Some people prefer a longer slenderer oval and some prefer a shorter chubbier oval! The beauty of ovals is that there is no right answer! It really depends on which silhouette speaks to you.

One thing to look out for when buying an oval is the bow-tie effect. The bow-tie effect occurs when light does not reflect in the center of the diamond because of the way the diamond was cut. This leaves two dark triangular areas it the center of stone that looks like the oval is wearing a bow-tie (not as cute as it sounds). Since there is no mention of the bow-tie effect on the diamond certificate, it is very important to either see the diamond yourself or work with an expert who can screen this for you.

If you in the market for an oval diamond and looking for some guidance or expertise feel free to reach out: Olivia@theclearcut.co !



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