Spotlight: Angie Crabtree


Angie Crabtree is an artist based out of San Francisco who is best known for her work painting diamonds in a way that no one has done before.  Her work features realistically painted diamonds enlarged 1,000+ times, and ranges from 24 to 64 inches tall. Her paintings never feature the outline of the diamond, but rather zooms into the center giving an intimate view of the different facets.

Painting since the age of 4, Angie has always been a passionate artist. Over the past year she has combined her devotion to art with her new found love of diamonds. She began her journey with diamond painting for a luxury exhibit, where she featured a magnified and cropped diamond in a series with other opulent images. From there, she decided to create a collection of magnified photo-realistic diamonds of different cuts. Her paintings have since gained widespread notoriety and publicity through her Instagram page.  She now has over 30k followers and is commissioning diamond paintings from individuals and large diamond and jewelry companies all over the world.  Angie has quickly become a staple of the up and comers of the jewelry industry.



Not only are Angie’s diamond paintings gorgeous to look at, but they are also changing the way millennials view diamonds.

With the power of Instagram, she is reaching tens of thousands of young people from all walks of life and enabling them to adopt a different perspective on diamonds and the industry.  As  millennials,  we grew up with a combination of cheesy, romantic marketing surrounding the endless love that comes with a diamond, and at the same time with the negative connotations that came with blood diamonds. Her paintings force us to view diamonds in a completely different way than we are used to- literally and figuratively .


Her art takes you up-close and personal into the mesmerizing facets that make up the brilliance and allure of the diamond, and her work within the industry and her charitable donations, like to The Greener Diamond Foundation, help improve the lives of diamond miners and fight conflict diamonds around the world.

Angie has found a way to not only share her art, but also educate a broad audience, particularly millennials, in understanding  why people have loved diamonds since the beginning of time and how we can continue to improve and remove the bias associated with the diamond industry. 


Follow Angie on Instagram: @angie_crabtree



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