Top Engagement Ring Trends 2018

1-    Pear Shape

For the past couple of years oval diamonds have been absolutely dominating as the finger flattering fancy shape diamond of choice. Although, I do not see the oval diamonds going anywhere anytime soon, there has definitely been a trend towards another elongating shape: The Pear. Recently many celebrities, from Paris Hilton to Cardi B, have been proposed to with a pear shape diamond. Pear shape diamonds are definitely starting to have their moment in 2018.


2-    Yellow Gold

Since 2015, we have seen a real shift from traditional Platinum and White Gold rings to colored metals like Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. I think 2018 will be all about going back to basics when it comes to metals. I’ve seen couples requesting more traditional platinum as well as yellow gold rings more than the rose gold of the past few years. I also think a lot of women are opting for the metal hue which complements their skin tone best over what color metal is in trend.

3- Side Stones

Since the beginning of time women have always found ways to try to make their diamonds look bigger. For the past decade, the diamond halo (what I like to refer to as the push-up bra for diamonds) has been the go-to setting for getting more bling for your buck. However, there has been a new wave of women waving goodbye to the halo and hello to side stones. Side stones are a great option for complementing your center diamonds while also making your engagement ring a little extra. Recently, we have seen celebrities like Meghan Markle rock the three-stone ring.

4-    Antique Cuts

Many women are yearning for an engagement ring that is classic and beautiful but also different than all of their friends. I have seen a huge uptick in requests for antique diamond cuts like old mine cuts (antique cushions), old European cuts (antique rounds), and, of course my personal favorite, elongated antique cushions *swoon*

These antique diamonds may not sparkle like a modern round brilliant but they sure do make up for it in charm and elegance! When shopping for an antique diamond be aware that they are rarer and way harder to come by than a modern cut so you may have to sacrifice some color/clarity for to get the antique diamond you want.

5-    East-West

2018 is all about turning engagement rings on their side! For the past couple years we have seen celebrities like Emily Weiss set their diamond east-west instead of the traditional north-south style. I think this type of setting is becoming way more popular and mainstream. I would only suggest setting a diamond east-west if it is an elongated shape like and oval, marquise, or emerald cut because otherwise, you will not get the effect you are looking for. 



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