Trend Report

Like the classic quilted black Chanel bag, a round brilliant diamond in a platinum solitaire mounting will never go out of style.

However, just like with fashion, engagement rings have their own trends and recently I have gotten a lot of requests to talk about what is #trending in the world of engagement rings and diamonds.

Cut: Oval

We are seeing a HUGE comeback for oval cut diamonds. In the past couple of years, cushions have by far been the most popular cut after round. Now in 2016 ovals are taking center stage. We have even seen many celebrities wearing oval engagement rings from Blake Lively to Julianne Hough to Brody Jenner’s fiancé Kaitlynn Carter. I think ovals are trending right now because they are unique and finger flattering while also maintaining a classic feel. I guess you could say they are still classic with a little edge.

Metal: Yellow and Rose Gold

Also, while platinum is still metal of choice for most engagement rings, we are seeing a great uptick with both rose and yellow gold. Colored metal can give a traditional ring a bit of spunk. I also love the way white diamonds really pop against colored metal. Even men are switching gears and opting for yellow gold wedding bands over the ever popular platinum and white gold.

Style: Delicate pave

Recently people cannot get enough of the delicate pave look. I cannot tell you how many requests I get for the super thin pave band style like Kim Kardashian West’s ring. I am also seeing a shift away from the once popular pave halo. Some other engagement ring styles that seem to be in demand right now are east-west set oval and marquise diamonds and split shank rings.

As a classic black Chanel bag will never go out of style, neither will round brilliant solitaires. However, as with fashion, trends come and go and right now fashionistas have declared ovals and colored metal a must have in the engagement world!


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