You Can't Believe Everything You Read: Fact Checking Celebrity Engagement Rings


When a celebrity gets newly engaged I can’t help but  immediately need to know what the ring looks like. I’m sure I’m not the only one guilty of this.

Celebrity engagement rings not only set jewelry trends, but also inspire our own engagement rings.  Oftentimes we will directly refer to a particular celebrity’s ring for our own design. But what happens when people give you the wrong information? A lot of the time it might not even be the writer’s fault. Many jewelry characteristics are not common knowledge to a person not working in the industry. However, I still find it very frustrating when I read a post about a celebrity ring that I love, but the information provided is incorrect. So I am here to set the record straight.



InStyle Reports:

“Prince Rainier III of Monaco proposed to legendary Hollywood beauty Grace Kelly with a 10.5-carat square-cut diamond”

My View:

I’m assuming in this post they are confusing Grace Kelly’s ring with Elizabeth Taylor’s. Elizabeth Taylor was gifted a 33ct asscher cut diamond, which basically looks similar to a square Emerald cut, from Richard Burton. On the other hand, Grace Kelly’s ring is a true “Emerald cut” diamond, which is not square but rectangular in shape. If you are looking to achieve Grace Kelly’s look opt for a rectangular shaped diamond.


US Magazine reports:

 “The "Goodies" singer was gifted a 16-carat diamond stunner, complete with an eye-popping round center stone and four baguettes, by fiancé Russell Wilson on March 11”

My View:

However, Ciara’s ring is clearly not a round diamond with four baguettes. Ciara’s ring is a cushion cut diamond with 4 sets of side stones. Her side stones appear to be a pair of halfmoons and then either pear-shapes or bullets. If someone saw Ciara’s ring, fell in love with it, and told their partner that it was a round with four baguettes- they would be very disappointed when they received it since it won’t look anything like Ciara’s ring.



InStyle Reports:

“Joe Manganiello proposed to Sofía Vergara on Christmas Day in 2014 with a large, oval diamond sparkler. The two wed in November 2015

My View:

Although, they report that Sofia has an oval diamond, she actually has a cushion cut diamond in a pave halo setting. This is the most common mistake that is made in articles I’ve read. Sometimes cushions and ovals have a tendency to look similar, since their shape and faceting patterns can be very much alike. It is understandable how this mistake is made, you just want to make sure you look at more than one view of the ring so you can be sure of the shape.



“While Jennifer Garner was married to Ben Affleck from 2005 to 2015, the Alias alum modeled a 4.5- carat cushion-cut solitaire with baguette stones set in platinum" 

My View:

Jen’s ring is indeed a gorgeous cushion cut diamond, however her side stones look far more like trillions than baguettes. If you are looking to achieve Jen’s engagement ring look, opt for a cushion cut diamond with trillions cut side stones.

As for the idea of a “solitaire” ring, the definition of solitaire is up for debate. In general, it usually refers to one single stone without side stones. There is an argument to be made that small baguettes or a pave band could be considered a solitaire ring. However, within the industry that is not how we define it. 

2.http://www.instyle.com/celebrity/star-couples/celebrity-engagement-rings#1220576ing in 1955.


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