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The Clear Cut adheres to the highest quality standards in the industry, our mission is to provide the highest quality natural diamonds at the fairest prices, always. We understand the importance of investing in jewelry with inherent value, which is why we only sell natural diamonds.

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The Clear Cut approaches the craft of engagement rings outside the box rather than selling you one straight from it. Our team of expert gemologists will help you create a bespoke natural diamond engagement ring. Get inspired by our signature styles below!

diamonds 101

what is cut?

How well proportioned and how well cut the diamond is!

Cut grades go from Excellent to Poor. We recommend staying in the Excellent and, Very Good range. For Round brilliants, you account for cut grade. For other shapes, you have a polish and symmetry, but the range is the same.

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what is color?

How white the diamond is!

The scale goes from D-Z, D being completely colorless and Z being almost fancy yellow. With every step down, you see more warm yellow tones.

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what is clarity?

The natural inclusions found inside and on the surface of the diamond!

These are little formations that naturally occur. Clarity is graded in the number, intensity and location of the inclusion. It goes from flawless to included (I1-3)

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what is carat?

How much the diamond physically weighs!

Most people associate carat weight with how large the diamond looks! But, the dimensions can also play a factor in how big the diamond appears, so be sure to take a look at those.

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We empower a new generation of consumers to create their perfect hand-crafted diamond engagement rings.