2022 Engagement Ring Trends

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This week we’re talking about 2022's engagement ring trend predictions! Which style is your favorite?

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What's in store for engagement rings in 2022? Well, the oval diamond on a yellow gold band with a hidden halo has been extremely popular for the past two years, and we expect them to stay as a popular choice this year. 


Besides ovals, fancy diamond shapes such as elongated cushion cut diamonds and emerald diamonds will take center stage because of their finger-flattering style. 


In terms of setting, we expect to see unique twits on classic styles, such as yellow gold bezel settings on all diamond shapes. The heavy gold metal look isn't going anywhere this year. 


One specific shape to look out for this year is the pear diamond shape. The pear was super popular back in 2018, but wasn't so common in the past 2 years. Now, the pear is going to be super popular because it shows its carat weight well and is also very finger-flattering AND unique. 


Lastly, we expect to see yellow diamonds to gain popularity again, and would work well with the yellow metal setting craze. 


For men's wedding bands, we are starting to see a preference in texture, whether that's contrasting matte and polished finishes, hammered finishes, or matte finishes. In addition, men's wedding bands will incorporate more small diamonds to add some extra style to the classic wedding band. 


What ring trends are you excited to see this year? 


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