Why pay for a lab-grown when you can get one for free?
Our lab-grown travel ring is the ultimate gift with purchase!


We now offer a  standardized travel ring with a complimentary 1ct, 1.5ct, or 2ct Round Brilliant lab-grown center stone. Our travel rings are available to clients who purchase a natural diamond engagement ring over $10,000. Clients will only be responsible for the cost of the setting.

Our Mission
The Clear Cut is this generation’s jeweler for life. We are dedicated to creating modern heirlooms, using ethically sourced natural diamonds.


We only use the finest materials and highest quality craftsmanship to create pieces that last a lifetime. We understand the importance of investing in jewelry with inherent value, which is why we do not sell lab-grown.


In the past, Clear Cut  clients have requested travel rings made out of cubic zirconia. Given the devaluation of lab-grown diamonds, The Clear Cut is taking this opportunity to offer our clients a standardized travel ring as a complement to their natural diamond engagement ring.


We want to empower all of our customers to invest confidently and travel safely.

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