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The Clear Cut approaches the craft of engagement rings
outside the box rather than selling you one straight from it.

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how it works

We believe that a diamond ring is the most personal investment you’ll make. That’s why fourth generation diamond expert Olivia Landau is involved at every step of the design process.

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an expert

It begins with a conversation.
When you call, you’ll have a direct line to Olivia and her team of gemologists, who can advise you (and your partner) on everything from color, cut and carat weight to trends in fine jewelry.
chat with an expert

curated diamond selection

Navigating the sea of seemingly endless options can be overwhelming! Have no fear! Our team of gemologists hand pick a curated selection of diamonds that fit your exact preferences. Each diamond is evaluated to ensure that you get the highest quality diamond and best value for you and your partner.

the ring

We’re here to help you craft a piece that is elegant, everlasting and uniquely tailored to you. All of our rings are bespoke and made in New York City.

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Olivia Landau, founder & CEO
Hi I’m Olivia Landau, Founder & CEO of The Clear Cut. I am a diamond expert, GIA Graduate Gemologist and 4th generation jeweler. Our engaged community of diamond lovers is breathing new life into a broken industry and empowering a new generation of consumers.
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