Clear Cut Couples: Chavon and Kennedy

Chavon and Kennedy were at church when their pastor said, "Everyone turn and greet your neighbor?" Well, they were neighbors! They shook hands, said hello and didn't think much of it. Weeks later, Kennedy was serving at the Guest Services table and Chavon came by to ask how to get connected. They ended up hitting it off and talked until they started kicking folks out of the lobby. Every Sunday after that night, Chavon would come to the Guest Services table and chat with Kennedy. They even started serving there together! They quickly grew a comfort with each other and felt like they could talk about anything.

Their first date was at Estereo Bar in Logan Square. It was really spontaneous, which didn't leave a lot of room for nerves to creep in. They met at the bar and after a couple hours relocated to The Heavy Feather and stayed there until 1:00 am. Mind you, this was a Wednesday night and they both needed to be up early the next morning! That ended up being pretty typical for them. They didn't care! They just wanted to spend as much time as they could together. They have been together for over a year and a half! 

They have shared countless memories since then! In September 2019, they took a trip to Oklahoma for Kennedy's brother's wedding. This was Chavon's first time meeting Kennedy's family and they all loved him! They danced, drank and laughed together the whole time. Kennedy surprised Chavon with tickets to the Underground Donut Tour in Chicago. They woke up early one Saturday and walked around the city with a group of other foodies and stopped for some of the best donuts you can find along the way. In January 2020, they took their first international trip to Iceland! They rode snowmobiles, hiked a glacier and soaked in the Blue Lagoon. It was an unforgettable trip! Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they have been finding different ways to safely have fun. We've had beautiful picnics, tested new dessert recipes, had dinner in a beautiful garden and Kennedy even gave Chavon an at-home haircut!

Staying in the neighborhood they fell in love, Chavon proposed to Kennedy in their local park at the Logan Square Monument so they would always have that landmark to share as they looked for new places to start their life together. He proposed first thing in the morning with a list of surprise activities to follow, making their first day as an engaged couple one to remember! To start the day they had brunch, a couples massage, and a walk along the river. They ended the day with a private cocktail mixology course with the Hallow Leg and dinner at Beatnik on the River. Beyond just a moment, it was the perfect day. Kennedy said yes before even looking at the ring. But once her eyes and the ring met that was real love at first sight!

They are getting married in May, 2021. They’re planning an intimate ceremony with just family and then inviting their friends to join at a rooftop reception. They’re not feeling pressured to uphold traditions of what they "should" do, they’ve carefully crafted a day that reflects the love that they have for each other and the moments that are so special to them. Congrats Chavon and Kennedy! We are SO happy for you!