Clear Cut Couples: Katie and Max

Katie and Max met their senior year of college at Michigan State University (Go Green!). They were in a brother/sister fraternity and sorority and were set up by friends, although it's a little controversial on who gets the actual credit for setting them up! Max had already accepted a full time job in Austin for after graduation, so neither of them thought it would be a long term thing (turns out both of them were wrong!).

After graduating from college in 2014, they talked about long distance when Max moved to Austin right out of college. They kept in touch and Katie started to visit Max in Austin more frequently, and eventually in Newport Beach when Max was living there for work. Long story short... love conquered all and Katie officially moved down to Austin in 2017.

They have shared countless incredible memories over the years! They both have amazing families who couldn't be more excited that they are engaged! Some of their favorite memories were meeting up in Orange County while dating from across the country. The long distance relationship actually brought them closer together and they are so thankful for that time, even though it was sometimes difficult. They also share a love for travel; some of their favorite vacations have been to Italy, Germany, Vancouver, Cabo, Napa, the Rockies, Chicago, and Hawaii. They can't wait to see where their honeymoon takes them!

Each year, Max’s grandma on his dad's side takes the extended family on a trip somewhere in the US. This year they happened to rent a beach house in southwest Michigan on Lake Michigan. Katie's family got the invite for a couple of days as well - so the stars aligned to find a way to propose with her family there to celebrate after. With a nasty storm rolling over the lake, he was able to get Katie down to the beach at sunset and surprise her by popping the question. They flew Katie's sister into town as a surprise too! Their night was filled with lots of champagne and cheap tequila.

Katie likes to say after the fact that she saw it coming, but it was a total surprise in the moment. Katie’s reaction was a mix of pure excitement and bewilderment of Max actually finally proposing. Katie was absolutely blown away by the ring and it exceeded all expectations. It is her "dream ring" and says "it's STUNNING and perfect, and I can't stop looking at it. It's everything I ever wanted in a ring (plus some!). Thank you Olivia for making a dream ring come true!"

Their current plans are to get married in Austin where they currently live. The timeline is still up in the air, but spring 2022 sounds like a good plan as of now, given where the world's at. Max would like to have 12 groomsmen, but that idea got shot down pretty quickly.