Clear Cut Couples: Sam and Alex

Sam and Alex met at a math competition between their two high schools! Sam was in 10th grade and Alex was in 12th grade. Sam’s team showed up late to the competition and she ended up sitting at the table across from him and they talked between the questions. Neither of them ended up doing well at that competition.

Fast forward one month, a second math competition, and a phone number typed into a calculator, and their first official date was at a senior citizen’s home! Sam was leading shabbat services there and immediately put him to work handing out booklets and helping to make sure everyone was on the right page. One of the residents there, Ruth, was really close to Sam. Alex and Ruth got to know each other and at the end of the night, Ruth told Sam that she thought Alex was a keeper! After that, they walked back to Sam’s house where he met Sam’s family! On the way, Alex tried to hold her hand and 15 year old Sam was so nervous! They ended up having their first kiss that night. Clearly, the first date went well!

Alex knew he wanted Sam to be his girlfriend, but he wanted to do something special to ask her. On their third date, which was also Sam’s birthday, he Google translated “Do you want to go out?” in Hebrew… but it mistranslated to “Want to go outside?” He tried to say it and Sam was confused, so he took out a piece of paper and wrote it down. In the end, it all worked out and they have been together for over 10 years since! Here they are at Alex's prom!

They have shared countless memories since then. When Sam went to sleep away camp in high school, Alex sent multiple emails each day (that was their only way to communicate) and Sam printed every one of them and hung them on the wall over her bed. AWW!

They dated long distance through college and created their own special scrapbooking tradition. Each time they visited each other, they passed the scrapbook back and forth, and at the end of each year, they would decorate it with all of their memories. They did birthright together, went to Thailand after Alex graduated from medical school, and shared so many memories in between. After almost 8 years of being long distance, they finally moved together in NYC!

Alex said that he was proposing after match day at his medical school, but that was in March 2019, then he said he would propose after he graduated, then he said he would do it soon after. Sam knew the proposal would be coming soon, but had no idea when!

A few months later, Sam was planning her 25th birthday party in NYC at Edie's, the speakeasy at Factory 380. Little did she know, she was actually planning her own proposal. Before the party, Alex asked, “Are you sure you want to wear that?” Sam was so surprised that he asked so she said, “What do you mean? Are you proposing to me?” Thankfully, Alex played it cool and Sam thought nothing of it. Close call!

Sam was going to get a manicure with her friend Julia right before the party. In true Sam style, she wanted to get sparkly blue nails. It took a while, but Julia convinced her to get a more “professional” color with her. After their nails were done, they walked to the restaurant early to make sure the decorations were all set up, but right when they walked in, Julia said “Oh shoot I have to call my mom.” Julia hurried outside, but someone met Sam to show her the space. 

She walked through a curtain to the speakeasy and there was a trail of rose petals leading to a private back room. She opened the door, saw Alex and started crying immediately! Alex decorated the room with photos from when they first started dating, fairy lights, rose petals and lots of flowers. He got down on one knee and asked Sam to marry him. She was SO surprised! Of course.. She said YES!

Sam and Alex’s families both flew in to celebrate and surprise her! Soon after, all of Sam’s friends were arriving for what they thought was her 25th birthday party. Everyone celebrated through the night -- it was an incredible evening filled with so much love! Sam is in love with her solitaire cushion cut ring! The ring design process was collaborative for Sam and Alex. They said, “Our relationship is a partnership and we both wanted to be involved in the process.” Sam knew she wanted to support a female founder and she loved the mission of The Clear Cut. 

They are loving being engaged and plan on getting married when the pandemic gets better. They want to get married in the late Spring/Summer 2022 in either NYC or where they both grew up in Maryland. Congrats Sam and Alex! We are SO happy for you!