Clear Cut Couples: Nancy and Tim

Nancy and Tim met in Boston while she was on a summer internship there between her first and second year of her MBA program. Her and her roommate decided to check out the dating scene. Tim was just about ready to delete his dating profile when he came across Nancy. He said, “I thought the combination of her love for figure skating and SEC football was ridiculous, unique and she was gorgeous! I didn’t think I had a shot, but to my surprise we matched a few days later.”

Once they started chatting, Nancy thought he was so funny and charming that they set up an IRL date immediately! They met at a large outdoor bar / art installation on a Monday...which ended up being closed and basically empty. They didn’t know the area very well, so they proceeded to walk in circles until finally Nancy found a bar. The conversation started off really well and just kept going, which made things much smoother. They ended up spending a couple hours at the bar getting lost in conversation and towards the end Tim knew he needed to see her again and set up a second date immediately. He asked if he could see her again before the date ended and she said yes! He kept using this tactic until they became official. Since then, they have been together for 2.5 years!

They have shared so many incredible memories together! They spent almost all of their first year together, apart! They were long distance while Nancy finished up business school, so they traveled back and forth and racked up lots of miles! Nancy is from the South, so Tim introduced her to all things New England: Lobster rolls, apple cider donuts, her first snowman, and summer trips to Cape Cod. Nancy invited Tim to her best friend’s wedding in Jamaica, where she was the maid of honor. They had the best time, drinking mai tais and pina coladas by the perfectly blue-green Caribbean waters. This trip was perfect in every way, and they’re so happy that they got to create so many special memories together.

Tim had prior plans of proposing earlier in 2020, but those plans were scrapped due to COVID. Nancy loves fall foliage and fresh air, so he targeted a proposal featuring those two things. He chose the scenic drive along the Kancamagus in the White Mountains up in New Hampshire. There’s an amazing pond and trail that not many people know about and he knew immediately that would be the perfect spot. The weather was perfectly crisp and sunny for an October day.

He had the ring in his backpack and wanted to move it to his pocket before getting to the spot he was going to propose, but he couldn’t find it in his backpack. He said, “I started to panic a little bit and could tell Nancy was ready to continue the hike so I offered her water from my backpack and continued searching under the guise of getting a snack. I finally found the ring while Nancy was busy looking at the pond and foliage. I got down on one knee and tapped her on the back and waited for her to turn around. It was just the two of us in this beautiful place and it was perfect.” Nancy was SO surprised!! When she saw Tim down on one knee, she completely blacked out. Apparently she took several steps backwards, he responded with “what are you doing!?” and her legs gave way and she crouched down with him totally shocked. Of course… she said YES!!

Nancy said, “I’m OBSESSED with this ring. I am so proud to have worked at The Clear Cut, and on my last day with the company the most perfect diamond I’ve ever seen came across Olivia’s desk. It was fate! I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, and when Olivia said it was available, I immediately called Tim to come and see the diamond for himself. Tim, in typical guy fashion, didn’t know a thing about diamonds - it’s a good thing we had Olivia! We worked with Olivia to help design the perfect classic, timeless setting that complimented the diamond without taking away from its charm. I feel so lucky to get to wear a ring that was designed with such love and made with such care.”

Right now they’re enjoying engagement and will be getting ready to start wedding planning soon! They’re so excited to have their wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family!