Clear Cut Couples: Nick and Sabrina

Nick and Sabrina met at work, which at the time was an e-commerce tech company in downtown Boston. They sat in the same vicinity and he said, “I just remember seeing this beautiful girl who was full of energy with the most amazing blonde hair. When she would walk by I felt this really warm energy from her and she would always smile. Like any good millennial love story, we began G-chatting and things took off from there!”

Their first date was around Valentine's Day, which made it extra special. They went to an Italian restaurant in Boston's North End. Sabrina looked so beautiful and he was so nervous. Nick remembers knocking over a peppermill and almost getting hit in the head with a frying pan by one of the servers, but none of that really mattered “considering who I was with.” AWW! Since then, they have been together for over 4 years.

They have made so many great memories over the years. They love to travel and have had some amazing trips visiting their best friends in New York City as well as traveling to see each other's families. Moving in together was also a huge moment in their relationship. They found an apartment in their dream neighborhood and still love exploring it with each other.

Given that COVID threw a wrench into Nick’s proposal plans, he had to figure out a way to propose that was still really special. He proposed on July, 3rd, which was 2 days before Sabrina's birthday. He told Sabrina that they had outdoor reservations to one of their favorite restaurants. This was a welcomed date night, considering they have been quarantined for so long and relegated to workout clothes. On the night of the dinner, he presented Sabrina with some "early" birthday gifts, which also included a couple of scratch tickets which she thought was a little bizarre. He told her she didn't have to scratch all of the tickets, just this one with all the diamonds on it. She began scratching the ticket and after completing, she saw the grand prize of "will you marry me,”  by the time she looked up, he was on one knee presenting the most amazing ring.

They went to dinner, then spent the weekend celebrating with their families. It was an incredible engagement! She was SO surprised and is absolutely in love with her ring! As of right now, they are soaking in the engagement. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!