Clear Cut Couples: Andrew and Meredith

You know the cheesy stand in a circle and talk to the person next to you? Well it was college orientation and Meredith’s mom sent her off like it was kindergarten all over again. She said “go stand next to that cute boy, he looks nice.” She did. Meredith said, “I can be pretty shy and Andrew was the only guy I had met from Maryland going to school in another state. He is very charming and always knows what to say. Orientation ended and we parted ways.” A few months later, they ran into each other for some late-night grub and a few words exchanged, only to part ways again. A year later, Andrew had transferred to WVU, but returned to visit friends. They ran into each other yet again, but this time more sparks were flying. Meredith remembered seeing him and feeling like she had known him her whole life. “He felt like home,” she said.  They exchanged numbers after a few drinks (and entered him in her phone as “Hit Drew from Organ” which was code for “Hot Drew from Orientation”) and again parted ways. 

In 2015, which was her senior year, her friends were celebrating by dancing on stages! She heard a friend yell up to her to introduce her to a friend on stage… “Meredith I would like you to meet Drew” is all she could hear and to her surprise it was Andrew! His response: “Of course, I know Meredith is the one that always gets away.” Meredith finished her senior year and jetted off to a three-month long Europe trip and they stayed in touch. After that, they went on their first date and the rest is history. 

Meredith said, “I met Drew when I was 17 then again at 22 but that’s still young. Drew never stopped me from living my dreams and becoming the person I am today because of it. I traveled and lived but Drew has always been my home and I fully cannot thank a person who lets you be you and find you. Now we own a home and are getting married! Fate can exist If you believe in it, I now do because of us!”

The proposal happened when they were enjoying sunset on the beach with a celebratory glass of champagne for their five-year anniversary. Meredith grew up going to Bethany Beach almost every weekend to visit her grandmother and now luckily her parents have bought a house there. Andrew also grew up going to Bethany with his family, too. Bethany is a special place to them. Andrew asked a group of friends enjoying the sunset to take a picture for their five-year anniversary. After a few snaps, Drew asked for one more then he kneeled with a little black box out in front of him. Meredith said “Tears in our eyes and utterly shocked expression... there was a yes somewhere in there with an uproar of clapping and cheering the whole beach celebrated. Drew did not expect so many people to be on the beach so late, but we were excited to share our love with everyone there.”

After socially distanced drinks with their new friends who happened to be professional photographers (everything is meant to be) they walked back to their chairs to pop another bottle of champagne. As Meredith sat down in disbelief, she could only manage to ask, “How did you plan all this?” Instead of an answer, she looked up to more surprises. Her mom walked down the beach trail to her with Drew’s mom too. She said, “I don’t know how to express that moment only to say that there were plenty of happy tears. My mom and I are extremely close and the fact that I got to share this moment with not just her but my whole family walking down the beach made the day so special.” Drew turned to her and said “well you wanted everyone to know.” They had a celebratory dinner at a beautiful restaurant on the beach. 7.23.20 was one for the books!

Meredith said, “I am absolutely obsessed with the ring. I cannot thank Olivia and the Clear-Cut team enough. I got the ring of my dreams. Olivia was so kind and amazing to help Drew through this process. Drew now teases me every time we are out, and I am taking pictures with everything to show off my ring. My favorite part of the morning is that feeling of putting the ring on. It’s so beautiful with the best hidden surprise of sparkle. The hidden halo and the clarity is incredible. I feel so lucky so thank you Team!” They are planning to get married next year in July and are enjoying their engagement!