Clear Cut Couples: Tessa and Tyrell

Tessa and Tyrell met through Tyrell’s Australian cousin at her going away party! They started chatting because they realized that they had worked on a professional project together. He is a civil engineer, she is an architect. For their first date, they went for Mediterranean food! He picked the place and it was perfect! Tessa was so nervous that she had a stress rash on her neck LOL! Turns out, it all worked out perfectly. They both wanted the date to be even longer, they later admitted. Since then, they have been together for two years!

They have shared so many incredible memories together! A few months after they started dating, they went to Greece together and it was insanely magical! They island hopped and ate their way across the country. They have traveled a ton together since then and have too many adventures to count. They can't wait to adventure more once COVID has subsided.

They were camping on the beach for the weekend and Tyrell arranged for her closest friends to be camping with them. They all knew what was happening, but Tessa cluelessly went with him to the beach for a sunset walk. He had a friend drone shoot the proposal! Tessa said, “He had memorized a beautiful statement he wrote me, no one has ever made me feel so special in all my life as he did that day. I was shocked, although we had discussed wanting to marry each other for some time, we have both been married before and were not in a rush by any means. I thought COVID had really delayed those ideas, and he was so sneaky about the proposal I was super surprised.”

They had talked to Olivia a few months prior, and she helped them figure out what they wanted. The shopping process was an absolute delight Tessa said! “I was sort of dreading the idea of making all the decisions and knowing the right choice and she made it so delightful and easy. When I saw the ring I was stunned, it couldn't be more perfect. The diamond is so clear and sparkly, the setting is so elegant. Olivia knows her craft and guided us to success!”

They had a micro wedding at a historic resort with immediate family and friends who are so close, they're like family near Portland, OR on September 26th. They had a small standing ceremony in an outdoor garden and their good friend officiated the wedding.

Then they had a candle lit reception in a cozy attic event space with great food and goofy dancing. They didn't want to wait in all the crazy COVID time! It was everything they could have hoped for! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!