Clear Cut Couples: Farhan and Sabrina

Farhan and Sabrina met in the 4th (Sabrina) and 5th (Farhan) grade, respectively. Farhan had just moved to her small suburb in New Jersey and he had heard about Sabrina because his best friend at the time had a crush on her. Every now and then, Farhan would see her in the hallways and recognize her, but never said "hi". Shortly thereafter, Farhan's parents and Sabrina’s mom unknowingly enrolled them in the same extracurricular activities. Even during this time, they did not really interact unless they had to. After some time, she discovered Farhan's AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) screen name through some mutual friends and decided to message him. The rest is history!

They were 12 years old when they had their "first date" so the details are a little fuzzy! The first time they both remember hanging out alone, which is a big deal when you're 12, was during a walk on the bike trail. There was a bike trail connecting their homes, and they wanted to sneak away and hang out without telling their parents. They met up on the bike trail and walked for hours while they talked. They have been together for over 14 years since and have shared countless incredible memories!

They grew up together so they shared so many small and big moments with each other. They did long distance all throughout college, and after he got a job in NYC, they took some time to reconnect and take their first international trip together to Cuba. While they dated for a really long time up until this point, it was their first time experiencing a whole different culture together. A few years later, Sabrina had moved to Los Angeles for medical school. Farhan followed her shortly after and it was the first time in a long time that they were close enough to enjoy each other's company on a regular basis. They got stuck together during the pandemic and found new ways to love each other; and now most recently they just moved in together!

They got engaged on July 9th, 2021. They chose the ring together in early January and by the time March rolled around, she knew that Farhan had purchased it. Due to that reason, any big trips or events that they had would have drawn suspicion from her. For that reason, there was an intricate plan that would catch her off guard. Farhan coordinated with Sabrina's best friend Laurel and her boyfriend Jordan to convince her that they were getting engaged in July. So for months, Sabrina had thought that she was helping plan Laurel's engagement by helping Jordan with things such as getting her to the location, getting her nails done, and helping her pick out a dress. In reality, Jordan and Laurel were facilitating all of this so that Sabrina would be surprised and ready for her own engagement! Sabrina had driven down to Joshua Tree with Laurel with the expectation that Jordan was going to propose to Laurel. In the big moment, Sabrina turned around and it was Farhan standing there on one knee. Her immediate thought was that he was hijacking her friend's proposal, but after a few seconds, it finally clicked. All the planning over the last few months were for her, and she set herself up for it! They ended the day with friends and family who traveled from all over to help them celebrate.

It was definitely a surprise! For months, she thought her friend was getting engaged and in the end, the roles were reversed. They picked the ring out together and Sabrina loved seeing it finally in person!

They are hoping to get married in 2023 between Sabrina's medical school graduation and the beginning of her residency. This window of time allows them to have a summer wedding on the West Coast. They are still working through the details but are so excited to pick a venue and coast that will allow them to celebrate their special day with all of their friends and family. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!