Clear Cut Couples: Dallas and Sarah

Dallas and Sarah met when they were 15 years old through a mutual friend group. They grew up in the same town, but went to two different high schools. Sarah always had the biggest crush on Dallas in high school, but he had a long term girlfriend. She says, “I always thought he was SO cute, surfer boy with flowy blonde hair and truly the sweetest guy.” Dallas says he thought that she was the nicest girl with the best smile.

Fast forward to college - Sarah moved to Arizona and went to ASU, while Dallas stayed in California and went to school at USC. Dallas joined the ROTC program at USC, with a goal of joining the Army after college. In the dorm freshman year, Sarah made friends throughout her building. She befriended two guys, Cole and Gabe. They all became fast friends, hanging out in the dorms, hitting the dining hall, and going to parties. Cole and Gabe also were enrolled in the ROTC program at ASU.

After graduating at ASU, Gabe and Cole were sent to a military summer training program. At this program, they would do proper training for the military and find out where they would be stationed for the next 4 years. Dallas was also sent to this same training program. By chance, Gabe and Dallas were in the same training program and instantly became best friends. Through their summer they figured out that she was a mutual friend.

Cole would talk college stories with Dallas - telling him all about the Sarah he knew in college. They would FaceTime her every weekend, and from all the stories and FaceTimes, Dallas said he just had to take her on a date. He began texting her, and letting her know every time that he happened to be home, in their hometown.

It was the week of 4th of July 2018. Dallas and Cole came into town and Sarah met with them for dinner. It was her first time seeing Dallas since they were 18 and leaving for college. After seeing him, it was game over. They both couldn't stop staring at each other. The sparks were flying...immediately. All 3 of them spent the entire weekend together, and then they both had to fly back to Nashville.

Dallas came home for Thanksgiving, and they went on their first date to a local restaurant called Eat Chow. Both so nervous, but the conversation was rolling all night and it felt so easy to be with each other. After the first date, the rest is history. They were inseparable, and they both knew that this was it.

They have been together for over 3 years since! Three years have flown by, however it feels like they have been together all of their lives. Their first date, felt like date #10 since they have known each other for so long. Life together is so easy. They are best friends, and can't wait for many more years to come.

In their three years of dating, they have accomplished so much. They have made it through a 9 month deployment, a move to Nashville, a pandemic, and a move to Denver! Easily their engagement and engagement weekend was one of the most special moments and trips that they both will never forget.

In addition to this trip, their trip for their first year anniversary to Mount Hood, Oregon was a trip for the books. They stayed in a 'Tiny Home' that they found on Airbnb in the mountains. They were hidden in the trees and had a cute fire pit outside. They spent the whole weekend hiking, relaxing, laughing their butts off, and enjoying time reflecting on their first year together.

Dallas proposed on September 16, 2021. It was a Thursday morning, and they were originally supposed to hop on a flight that morning to go back to California to see their family. However, Dallas had other plans in mind. A few weeks prior, Dallas ended up switching their flights to later that evening. She already had requested the day off from work, so Dallas planned a day for them to go on a hike at a trail that they both had been dying to go to.

Thursday morning they went on a beautiful hike called Isabelle Glacier. It was a 7 mile hike, and the night prior, they went wine tasting. Needless to say, she was hungover and the hike wasn't easy! They started hiking around 7am. Dallas being ex-military, hikes SO fast and she could barely keep up. After a couple moments to rest and complaining about how hard the hike is and that she wasn’t sure if she could make it… they FINALLY made it to Lake Isabelle.

They were the first ones to make it to the lake that morning. It was beautiful, peaceful, and just the two of them. It was perfect! They found this edge/cliff to go take pictures on, and as she turned around, Dallas was down on one knee! After many tears and a big YES, Dallas's friend popped out of the bushes and was secretly taking pictures of the entire engagement.

It was such a surprise, and Dallas did such an incredible job. He was a little off during the week so she was a little suspicious. However, she didn't think he would propose until next year, after they both settled into their jobs.

Not only was the engagement a surprise but once they flew home, Saturday afternoon he coordinated a surprise party with all of their family and best friends. Sarah said, “He spoiled me, and we felt SO loved. I was speechless over the ring. It is PERFECT and more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you to The Clear Cut team for working with him and creating the ring of my dreams.”

They will be getting married next year in October in Nashville, Tennessee on a beautiful barn estate. Nashville was where their relationship took off, they moved in together, and grew so much. Nashville holds a special place in their hearts, and thought it was the perfect city to spend their big day. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!