Clear Cut Couples: Jake and Jenny

Jake and Jenny met on JSwipe in November, 2019! Jake chose a cozy wine bar (Casellula Wine Bar) right near Jenny's apartment which gave him major bonus points because it was convenient for her and out of the way for him! 

They split a bottle of wine and a cheese board then had to have one more glass each because they were having such a good time talking with each other. As soon as they each got home they immediately texted each other to set up a second date the following week. And the rest is history! They have been together for over two years since then and have shared so many incredible memories along the way.

COVID-19 hit very early on in their relationship. Because they were living in NYC during the heart of the pandemic and most of their friends left the city, they spent a lot of time together in quarantine. In late March of 2020, Jake packed a suitcase to stay at Jenny's for a week and he’s still there to this day!

Suddenly they were spending all of their time together, with no one else at all which was definitely an intense make-or-break situation. But for Jake and Jenny, it was perfect. It was clear that something real between the two of them could work. 

During quarantine, they spent a lot of time in Central Park - playing frisbee and catching - they brought out each other's inner child! 

They spend a lot of time in the park sunbathing, reading, picnicking, and going on walks.

They have also gone on incredible trips together! A highlight was going on a New England summer road trip, stopping in Newport, Block Island, New Hampshire, and Maine! They went on a ski trip to Lake Placid, and many beach trips to Florida, the last one being a fun trip to Miami post-engagement to celebrate! 

Jake wanted the proposal to be a surprise, but considering that Jenny works at The Clear Cut, he had to be extremely sneaky in order to avoid raising suspicion. He worked with the other gemologists on the team using notes he'd taken while doing detective work on the type of ring that Jenny would have created for herself. He did an amazing job bringing her vision to life (not easy when you have a partner that does this for a living!).

He then proposed in Central Park at one of their favorite spots to go on walks. Both of their families were waiting for them in the park afterward to celebrate!

The proposal was a complete surprise for Jenny! She knew it would be happening sometime soon, but was expecting that she'd be making the ring herself so she was definitely surprised to learn he'd created the ring without her knowing. 

The wedding will be in New Orleans, where Jake is from in October 2022. Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!