Clear Cut Couples: Hue and Dalton

Hue and Dalton first saw each other at the gym back in 2017! They never talked to each other, but had a few mutual friends. Dalton then added her on social media and they had some side conversations throughout the years. When Hue decided to move back home to the Lehigh Valley, Dalton mustered up the courage to ask her out!

Their first date was at Olive Garden. They just instantly connected and quickly figured out that they had the same purpose and values in life. They sat at Olive Garden for hours and the staff had to kick them out to close the restaurant! They have been together for over two years since!

Their favorite moments involve doing activities together such as riding bikes, working out, finding new places to eat, and watching movies togethers. They also enjoyed traveling to Colorado and Florida together!

Dalton proposed on June 12 which was Loving Day and Hue said, “It was so fitting because we’re an interracial couple (not that he actually knew the day!). I always wanted to go horseback riding so we went to Dalton’s aunt’s farm. We took the horse (Petey) down by the creek and Dalton tied him up to the tree. After Dalton proposed we noticed Petey in the far distance running away. It was a moment we won’t ever forget. We celebrated our engagement with our family afterwards which was very special.”

Hue noticed everyone was acting a bit strange the week following up to the engagement so she was starting to get a feeling that something was coming. The ring was everything that she had hoped for and it is perfect for her!

They are getting married in September 2022 at the Aldie Mansion in Doylestown, PA! Congrats you two! We are SO happy for you!