5 Things To Know When Buying an Engagement Ring

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This week we’re breaking down the 5 things you should know when buying an engagement ring! :ring: Are you ready to start the process? Book a call on our site!


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Here are 5 things to keep in mind while shopping for the engagement ring of your dreams. 


The first one is setting a budget. With diamonds, it can be a slippery slope - you could easily spend thousands more on the size, color, or metal of your ring. However, you need to feel comfortable with the investment that you are making. So I recommend as a couple or as an individual to set a top line budget that you want to work within. We are able to maximize and prioritize your budget, because we can create a beautiful ring at any price point. 


The second part is understanding your preferences, which includes the shape of the diamond, the style of the ring, and the general carat weight range. Once you are generally clear about these preferences, then you can work with your budget to figure out which aspects of the ring you want to prioritize. 


The third thing is figuring out how you want to go about the process of purchasing the ring. More and more, we see couples working together to build and design the ring. Some couples even split the purchase of the ring! It's important to make sure who is responsible for what. If a surprise element is desired, then make sure to have your partner have a clear understanding of your preferences. If you decide to go through the entire process together, there is absolutely no shame in that considering how large of an investment of time and money it is. The moment of proposal will still be special and a surprise regardless. 


The fourth thing to figure out is the timeline. Our process, on average, takes about 6-8 weeks from start to finish. So it's best to understand when you would feel comfortable making the purchase and when you want to do the proposal. If you want to be cautious, I recommend starting at least 3 months before your desired proposal date. 


The final thing is making sure you work with a trusted expert throughout the process. It's crucial that you feel trust and partnership with the person making your dream ring with natural, untreated, and GIA-certified diamonds. 


Thanks for tuning in! I hope this was a helpful guide to start your engagement ring journey!


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