All about Emerald Cuts

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry).¬† ūüí欆 Today we are talking about¬†Emerald Cuts!




Emerald cuts are such a timeless style that that really exude an understated elegance about them. They're rectangular in shape and have cut corners that also feature step cut facets which makes them different than most other types of diamonds which go for a brilliant or modified brilliant fasting petter. Meanwhile, and emerald cut's faceting pattern looks like long chunky facets that are like a hall of mirrors because of their shape.


When choosing an emerald cut diamonds, there are certain elements that you want to look out for and prioritize. The first thing you want to decide on is the proportion you want the diamond to be. This is going to be the length to width ration, so a classic tennis court shape emerald cut is going to fall anywhere between 1.3 to 1.4 in length to width ration. If you're looking for a more square emerald cut, look below a 1.3 ratio. Emerald cuts elongated over a 1.4 - 1.6 ratio is going to look very long and skinny, almost baguette-like. Next we need to look at the clarity, which is very important when it comes to emerald cuts because the step cut facets make any inclusions much more visible compared to other cuts, so I would stay in a VS1 or up to be in the safe zone. 


There are also characteristics that are okay compromising on. Emerald cuts mask color pretty well compared to other cuts, and a range from D to J color range, or even K or L, can show up really nicely and white depending on the diamond. Another important note about Emerald cuts is that they are a slightly deeper cut stone so in comparison to other shapes, they're not going to show as much carat weight. You may need to take this into consideration when picking the perfect one for you.