The Anatomy Of Engagement Rings

Today’s classroom is an introduction to the anatomy of engagement rings. First, let’s familiarize ourselves with some anatomical terms. We will start from the top to the bottom!


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Prongs: The little pieces of metal that hold your diamond in place. They are a necessary part of your engagement ring because your diamond will fall out of its setting without them! However, there is one alternative to having prongs, which is the bezel setting.


Bezel: It’s a metal perimeter going around the center of your stone


Basket: The wire that goes around holding the prongs in place. It’s necessary, so if your prongs get hit, your diamond will still be secure.


Hidden Halo: When you decorate the basket with small pave diamonds, it’s the hidden halo. 


The whole top part of your ring, which holds your diamond, is referred to as the head of the ring. When we talk about the head being made of platinum, it refers to your prongs, basket, or bezel.


Shank: It’s the band where the diamond sits on top of. You can have different widths of the shank. The most classic and traditional width would be around 2 millimeters. 


Our most popular width is our super skinny style, which is 1.5 millimeters. 1.5 millimeters is what we recommend as the thinnest width to have while being structurally sound for everyday wear but still giving you that really dainty look.


To keep in mind! The thinner your shank, the bigger your diamond will look because it’s all about proportion. If you have a thin shank, you must ensure you are careful with your jewelry and that you aren’t lifting weights or putting pressure on it. 


Another style of the solitaire ring would be the cathedral setting. You still have the head and shank, but you have the addition of shoulders, where the band comes up to the center of the stone. From the top, it might look exactly like the standard solitaire, but from the side, you can see the cathedral and those shoulders going up to the top of the diamond.


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