Best Earrings To Invest In

Welcome to the Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! In this episode, we’re discussing the best investment earrings to add to your collection. 


Watch the full video below:


First and foremost, every girl needs a pair of Classic Diamond Studs in their jewelry collection. This staple is a non-negotiable piece! These are earrings you can wear for any occasion or with any outfit. Classic Diamond Studs are great to hold onto and pass down to future generations. 


If you love the look of diamond studs but want something different, then I would recommend our Bezel Studs or our Diamond Halo Studs. The bezel visually enhances the size and adds a sleek modern touch. 


If you want something with more bling, then the Halo Studs are perfect for you! It has a perimeter of small pavé diamonds around the center stud adding a beautiful sparkle and illusion of a bigger size. 


If you already have studs, then diamond hoops might be for you. Our Inside Out Diamond Hoops are perfect for any occasion. The hoops can be worn dressed up or down and even worn on your wedding day. ​​