4 C's for Round Brilliants

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! In this episode, we take it back to the basics: the 4C's for Round Brilliants. Are round brilliants right for you? Watch to find out!

Watch the full video below:

Round brilliants are the most classic shapes when it comes to diamonds! It’s the emoji diamond!! When you’re thinking about a diamond, it’s probably a round brilliant! And it’s for a good reason! They are super sparkly AND show off their carat weight! Who doesn’t love that?! For today’s episode, we will break down the 4 C’s for round brilliants!

Let’s start with carat! For most fancy shapes, their carat weight does not necessarily directly correlate to how large the diamond will be. But, for round brilliants (within the same cut grade) a larger carat weight generally means that it will be bigger. 

The second C, cut, is the MOST important for round brilliants!! The cut determines how well proportioned and sparkly your stone will be. Fun fact -- round brilliants have a cut grade because they have ideal proportions (aka a perfect circle)! You want to make sure you have an excellent cut to get the must sparkle. The lowest I would recommend going is very good. Excellent to very good are the safe range!

When it comes to color, round brilliants are really good at masking color!! You can have more flexibility than other shapes. Anywhere from D to J range tends to face up bright and white. It also comes down to what you want to prioritize for in your diamond. 

Round brilliants are great at camouflaging inclusions because of how sparkly they are! Anywhere from VS2 and up should be safe! Sometimes SI1 or SI2 can still be eye clean if you want to maximize for carat weight. 

All in all, choose what you want to prioritize, make sure you have an excellent or very good cut grade, choose a color and clarity you prefer! As always, be sure to work with an expert to make sure there are no visible inclusions!

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