Best Diamond Shape For Your Personality

Ever wondered what diamond cut is best for your personality? Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’ve got you covered!

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Talking about diamond cuts is my FAV topic! I love finding the perfect diamond shape for my clients -- let’s start with the most popular one. Round brilliants are really popular because they are super sparkly and hold a lot of their weight at the top, so they look big! Round brilliants are best if you want finger coverage from all sides! If you have a thicker or short finger, these are AMAZING! They fit a personality that loves a classic and timeless style. It translates through the ages!

Another really elegant diamond is the emerald cut! It is known for its rectangular shape and it is perfect for people with longer fingers who want a bit more real estate going up and down. The emerald personality is someone who has an understated aesthetic. They are not the most sparkly diamond, but they are perfect for someone who is looking for sophistication in their stone. 

Another really popular shape is the oval diamond! It is one of our best selling shapes! It is the perfect cut for someone who wants finger coverage and also an elongating look. They are for personalities who want something a bit different from the norm, but want a sparkly and feminine feel in their diamond!

Cushion cuts have been popular recently! They have a very similar style to the oval. They have soft curvy edges like a pillow cushion, but they tend to be more square. They're great if you want to take up more width on your finger. That being said, they are a bit more rare to find. What I love about the cushion cut is that you can choose different faceting patterns to get different levels of sparkle!

Asscher cuts are square with the same step cut faceting that the emerald cut has. I have an asscher cut for my diamond so this cut will always have a special place in my heart!! They aren't really great for showing a lot of carat weight, but they have a stunning art-deco feel that I am absolutely in love with. This is for someone who wants something different and loves antique styles!

Pear shapes and marquise diamonds are for those with more eclectic style, and who wants to stand out! I love these cuts because they take up a ton of space, are very finger flattering and are super unique. 

A radiant cut can be rectangular or square. They have a crushed ice and sparkly feel to them. They are amazing if you have an effervescent, sparkly style and personality! The radiant cuts are modern, but their sparkle will never go out of style!!

Antique cuts like old mines or old euro cuts are for the person who wants a timeless diamond that is incredibly unique. What I love about these cuts is that no two are the same. They are all hand cut so your diamond is one of a kind. These cuts have stood the test of time and have been around forever! This is for someone who loves a classic cut that will be in style forever! 

What diamond suits your personality? Let us know what you want to see next week in the comments below!

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