Best Wedding Band Pairings for Emerald Cut Ring

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! This series will walk you through our favorite wedding band pairings! We’re talking emerald cuts and three stone rings this week. Which  wedding band is your fav style?


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Today's engagement ring is a three-stone, 1.5 ct emerald cut with flanked tapered baguettes! We set this three-stone ring in a flawless fit style, which sets the diamonds higher up to allow a wedding band to sit flush. More traditional three-stone engagement rings will have a bit of space between the engagement ring and wedding band. 


My general tip for finding a wedding band that complements your e-ring is to match the faceting pattern. So for this ring, both the baguette and emerald diamonds have a beautiful step-cut faceting pattern. 


One of my favorite wedding bands for this style would be our Baguette Eternity Band, which has baguette stones set East West all around the band. This ring perfectly complements the side baguette stones. 



If you like a trendier, funkier baguette look, then our Brooklyn Baguette Band is a great and unique option. This eternity band has staggered baguette diamonds all around, creating a truly unexpected and fun wedding band pairing.



If you love the look of the Baguette Eternity Band but want more bling and bigger diamonds, then our East West Emerald Cut Eternity Band is the perfect option. It has small emerald cut diamonds all around that gives substantial sparkle. 



Lastly, I love our retro yet delicate Pave Diamond Row Band - even though it doesn't have the step cut faceting, I still think this band is able to complement the ring really well!



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