Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! In this episode, we're teaching you what you need to know about fluorescence. Don't be afraid of it... Let it glow!!  ✨

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25-30% of all diamonds emit some level of fluorescence under long-wave UV.  The scale goes: None Faint, Medium Strong and Very Strong. What’s important about fluorescence? All that you need to worry about is that it does not affect your diamond. To make sure fluorescence isn’t at play, we usually recommend staying in the None-Medium range. If you stay in that range, fluorescence won't affect the appearance or look of your stone. If you are in the Strong or Very Strong range, be sure to look at your diamond in natural or incandescent light to make sure the fluorescence doesn't have a negative effect. Sometimes, if you have too much fluorescence in a stone, it can look milky or oily, giving the diamond an overall duller look in some type of sunlight.

If you are looking at a warmer diamond, sometimes fluorescence can actually counteract the yellow undertones with a blue undertone, making the diamond appear more white! All in all, fluorescence is nothing to worry about because it rarely affects the appearance of a diamond (especially within the Faint-Medium range).

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