Gifts for Jewelry Lovers

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! We're sharing the best gifts to give your jewelry lover friend! Don't want to commit to making a large purchase? These items are just as important (and beautiful!). ✨

Watch the full video below:


First, my new favorite gift is our Luxe Traveler! It is the perfect travel and organization case to keep your jewels organized. It makes sure your necklaces don’t get tangled and your diamonds stay safe! You don't need to travel with it though, I use mine on my desk to keep everything - plus, it is super cute and buttery soft -- I LOVE it!

Next, our limited edition Ring Bandit is an amazing gift! I am so obsessed with these because they help me keep my engagement ring safe! I use my Bandit for any workout, physical therapy appointment, or tennis match. There is a secret zipper compartment so that you can discreetly store your jewelry and keep it safe while you workout or do anything that could potentially harm the jewelry! This is the perfect gift for newly engaged friends!

Another amazing gift for the jewelry lover is our Bling Brush! Personally, my engagement ring and earrings can get dirty really fast and I don’t have time for deep cleanings, so the Bling Brush is a must-have for me! It is a perfect stocking stuffer and will keep your diamonds looking bright and sparkly!