Clear Cut Classroom: Remote Diamond Selection Process

At The Clear Cut, we’re OBSESSED with making the perfect piece for you! Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’re talking about the process of remotely designing your perfect ring!

Watch the full video here:

Many of our followers wonder how they can work with us if they’re not based in NYC -- turns out the majority of our clients are remote! If you are interested in creating your dream ring, it is super easy! We always start with a 10-15 minute phone consultation, where you will meet with an expert gemologist who can help you work on everything from figuring out your style preferences to finding your favorite diamond cut. We will answer any questions you might have about the process on this call too. Once we gather the info on the diamond you want -- we will work with you to find the best stone within your budget. We will curate a set of diamonds that we hand-pick just for you, ensuring the highest quality. Then, we will send over photos and videos with the prices of each of the stones. We wait for your feedback over email and if we need to, we will hop on another call to figure out what we can refine further. We do this until we find the PERFECT diamond for you. Then, we ask for a 1/3rd deposit so we can take the stone off the market and get started designing your dream ring, together! Each and every one of the rings is handmade right here in NYC! Within 2-5 weeks, your ring is ready and we will send over photos and videos for the final approval. Then, we ship it overnight along with the GIA certification and insurance appraisal. We are your eyes, ears and experts to make sure you get the best diamond possible!

Questions about our process? Let us know in the comments below!!