Solid Gold vs Gold Plated

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! In this episode, we're talking all about solid gold, gold plating, and vermeil jewelry. What are the differences? Which will work best for your lifestyle. Watch to learn more!

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It is super important to notice if you have 18K, 14K or even 10K gold, solid, plated or vermeil. Everything here at The Clear Cut is either 14K or 18K solid gold! This means that the whole piece is made of gold and not just the outer part. This is important because if your piece is solid gold, then you will never have to worry about it tarnishing over time. You can wear it in the shower or swimming and the metal will stay the exact same. You also don’t have to worry about having an allergic reaction to the base metal. That’s why solid gold is more expensive -- it has more value and will last forever!

If something is gold plated, that means that it has a thin layer of gold coating that will wear off eventually (through showering, sweating, etc). Also if you have sensitivity to metals, beware of gold plating because the gold will eventually wear off and expose your skin. I am personally allergic to base metals!

Vermeil means gold plated, but it is plated over silver specifically. This will still tarnish and wear away -- especially because silver tarnishes too.

You can probably tell the difference by the price. If you can see the piece physically, there will usually be a stamp inside telling you what kind of metal it is!

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