The Anatomy of a Ring

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! We’re breaking down the anatomy of a ring! Start here to create your dream ring 💍✨

Watch the full video below:



Let’s go from the top down! At the very top, you have the head! The head is what holds the diamond and has various parts to it. The diamond sits in a basket with prongs (you can have 4, 6, 3 or 5). You can also have different styles of prongs! The wire holds the basket together and here you can add a tiny hidden pave which we call the hidden halo! It’s a fun way to decorate the structural part of the ring. 

Next, we have the shank which is essentially the band of the ring. Sometimes you can have the head sit right on the shank, or you can have shoulders, like in a cathedral setting (and you will have a bridge here). 

On the shank, you can add pave diamonds. We recommend going half way or three quarters in case you want to resize. If you want a yellow gold band, we recommend having the shank be yellow and the head be white -- this makes the diamond appear whiter and brighter! If you want a three stone ring, then the side stones will be flanked and sit in their own baskets!

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