Three-Stone Rings

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom where we take deep dives into all things diamonds (and jewelry)! In this episode, we're talking all about three-stone rings. We go through the best side stones for your center stone! What's your favorite? 💍

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What are best the side stones for your diamond?! Here is what I tell all my clients: the first thing you should do is think about the shape you want to achieve with your side stones. Do you want your side stones to make your overall ring look bigger? Do you want to enhance the shape of your center stone? Do you want to match the faceting pattern between your center stone and side stones? Think about how you want it set and how you will wear it! Do you want any space between your three stone ring and a wedding band? (With our Flawless Fit -- you can!!) Addressing these questions will make choosing side stones much easier!

For example, if you have an oval brilliant and want to match the faceting pattern, you will want to choose brilliant half moons or brilliant traps so that the pattern is consistent. If you have an emerald cut diamond (or another stone with step cuts), you will likely want to match that with step cut traps, baguettes or step cut bullets. If you want to mix and match, I recommend going for something like an oval brilliant center stone and pair it with step cut tapered baguettes! Although the faceting patterns don’t match here, the still ring looks stunning!

You also want to make sure that your side stones not only match in proportion, but that they match in quality! Specifically, make sure they match in clarity and color (color especially!!). You don’t want your side stones to look a bit yellow next to a bright and white center stone!

Let’s go through some of my favorite pairings! The most classic pairing is a round brilliant and tapered baguettes or petite tapered baguettes! I also love half moons or petite pears with round brilliants! For the emerald cut, the most classic pairings are tapered baguettes, step cut trapezoids, or epaulettes! For the ovals, they are typically paired with petite tapered baguettes, half moons or petite pears! If you have a square cushion cut, I love brilliant cut shields. For more antique cuts, I love tapered baguettes, bullets, or half moons. For radiant cuts, I love brilliant trapezoids, half moons or tapered baguettes. Asscher cuts look amazing with tapered bullets or tapered baguettes - or do something like what I have which is a square frame of tapered baguettes around your asscher!

What are your dream side stones? Let us know in the comments below!


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