Time for Action

Today, we’re using this space to discuss a pertinent issue: injustice and inequity. Earlier this week we committed to providing our team members with paid time off for activism. This was a step we made to encourage, support, and empower our community in and out of the office. We’re now extending this pledge to our partners and fellow founders with the Time For Action Initiative. Listen in to learn more about the initiative and how you can get involved. Comment below and tag businesses you want to nominate!

Watch the full episode here:

 Recently, we’ve been confronted with the reality of racism and we’ve had to grapple with our role in the state of the world. We, as a society, must do better. That’s why we’re launching Time for Action: a pledge to give paid time off to your employees so they can engage in activism, however they need to: educate themselves, time to grieve, protest, volunteer, participate. Time for Action is bringing social change and activism to our own workplace, and companies across the country have too. We’re challenging you to take the pledge at www.timeforaction.co.

While we realize that Time For Action will not solve systemic racism and injustice today, as businesses, we have a responsibility to encourage change, urge action, and support our employees in any way we can. We’re committed to standing up for those who have been silenced. Join us.