What's a GIA Certificate?

We get asked all the time about the GIA certification! Inspired by your questions from our weekly Q and A’s on Instagram, we’re breaking down everything you need to know!

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To start, the GIA certificate is from the Gemological Institute of America. It includes everything about your diamond: its specs, a plot of the inclusions, and so much more.  Essentially, it is like the birth certificate for your diamond. You can match your diamond to the number on the certificate! This is important so that you can be sure that the diamond you are purchasing is exactly what you think it is. 

There are tons of other labs (all around the world) that can provide a certificate, but we only use GIA and recommend you use them too. They have the toughest qualifications. We had a diamond once that was rated I color and SI2 clarity by GIA, but a different lab said it was an E color and VS2 clarity. Those are totally different! That’s why it is best to always go with GIA. 

On your certificate you will find information about the shape, measurements, color, clarity and if it is a round diamond, the cut grade, the symmetry, and fluorescence. There are outlines and plots -- it is super detailed! Always keep your certificate in a safe place in case you ever need it for insurance or if you decide to upgrade or sell your diamond. Though the certificate is really important to understand the details about your diamond,  it is not the end all be all! No two diamonds are created equal. That’s why you should always work with a professional to get the diamond of your dreams!

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