Your Guide To Diamond Studs

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry! 

Looking for the most versatile diamond jewelry piece? Diamond studs are what everyone needs in their jewelry collection. This classic staple is considered the best first investment piece which can be used in more ways than one, years down the line!




Diamond studs add a touch of sparkle that instantly brightens your face and outfit. Now you're probably wondering what is the best carat size for everyday diamond studs? 

Consider starting with half a carat for each stud (.50ct/1.00ctw), this is a delicate size and does not overpower your look!


0.50ct/1.00ctw Classic Diamond Studs


For a little more of a size upgrade, we love our 0.75ct/1.50ctw studs. These are slightly larger and really pop!


0.75ct/1.50ctw Classic Diamond Studs


If going all out is your cup of tea, then we have a 1.80 total carat weight pair of diamond studs which really tie all styles of looks together! If you love the larger size and looking to create a chic ear stack, get a pair of smaller studs to have a varying look full of sparkle.


0.90ct/1.80ctw Classic Diamond Studs


Let's say you're looking for a really specific carat weight for your studs, we offer custom match studs! We always select from triple excellent cut round brilliant diamonds to help you find the best pair, custom made just for you. If you're thinking of a fancy cut diamond for your everyday studs, we can also match with emerald cuts, pear shapes even heart shape studs too! 


Emerald Cut Diamond Studs


Remember, you're purchasing a natural diamond! These studs can be worn for a lifetime and even passed down for next generations. A great idea that many clients do with their large studs is repurpose them as other pieces of jewelry. We find that large diamond studs make a great repurposed engagement ring ;). Your studs can be formed into a pendant or use the diamond for another style. We love the versatility and value that classic diamond studs hold, that's why we always recommend investing in a pair!


Which pair of studs would you choose? If you're interested in your custom match pair of diamond studs, please reach out to us for a custom inquiry with a gemologist


Class is dismissed!