How To Begin Shopping For A Diamond

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Are you setting your sights on an engagement ring in the future? Here are a few key steps to take before your diamond proposal, so you're well prepared and confident to start your diamond buying process!




Here are 3 questions to ask yourself so you have a better idea of what dream diamond you want to make yours!


Have You Tried On What Diamond You Like?

When you can physically see what a diamond looks like on your own hand, it helps to narrow down your preferences plus it’s fun! You can go into a jewelry store or even try on the rings of your friends or family. This gives you an idea of what diamond shapes you like on your hand. Get a feel for what you love and don’t love in terms of what shape flatters your hand and personal style best!


What Is Your Budget?

Diamonds can up in price easily! So from the start, create a set budget. It is really important to keep open communication with your partner to decide your max spending. From your max spending amount, shop within that range taking a look at all price points you’re comfortable with. We can help with any budgeting concerns by prioritizing the importance of your investment.


What Diamond Characteristics Do You Want to Shine?

    If you haven't already, familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s of diamonds: Color, Carat, Clarity & Color. These are the 4 main characteristics that determine your diamond’s appearance and price. You may find that you want to prioritize a higher color grade and you would be willing to sacrifice in size. Or you might prefer a larger carat weight and be okay with compromising in color or clarity (while still looking good). This is extremely important when you start looking for a deal on your diamond! 


    It helps so much to become well informed of your desires before you take the leap and we are here to help you! We recommend reading up on all the diamond tips and tricks from The Clear Cut Classroom!

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