How To: Earscape

Welcome to The Clear Cut Classroom, where we take deep dives into all things diamonds and jewelry!


With just a few stylish choices, you can create a beautiful earscape. An earscape or ear-stack is for someone who has multiple piercings and is looking to wear different style earrings at once. We also have 4 new styles of earrings that just dropped and can't wait for you to see!



Here are some exciting new additions to our Earring Collection, with 4 new styles to share with you here. Starting off with our:

Square Hoops!

Our Square Hoops are a twist to a classic round hoop. These 14k yellow gold hoops offer more shape for an everyday staple. Wear on its own or in your stack for a sleek square moment!


14k Yellow Gold Square Hoops




Two Tone Huggies

The mixed metal look is perfect for spring! If you’re having one of those moments having a hard time deciding whether you want to wear white gold or yellow gold, then these Two Tone Huggies are the solution for you. 


Two Tone Huggies



Curb Chain Huggies

The Curb Chain Huggies are a guaranteed style win. These chain link hoops hug the ear lobe with its fun texture and beautiful finish. Check out our Curb Chain Ring to complete the look!


Curb Chain Huggies



Faceted Hoops

Last but not least, our Faceted Hoops are here to bring the shine. These are a great option for a night out, almost resembling a disco ball's glimmer. Pop these on and catch all the light in 14k gold!


Faceted Gold Hoops



The key to pulling off an effortless earscape is to keep balance.



 Earscape Spotlight featuring: Our New Square Hoop, Double Diamond Stud, & Thick Gold Ear Cuff



Now, how do we create the perfect combination that's both stylish and proportioned?


Your first earring should be the largest or longest one. This keeps the attention moving forward to back. We love placing a statement earring in the first piercing, it's a chance to really catch attention. 


The next earring should be slightly shorter than the first. In this piercing, place a huggie, smaller hoop or drop style earring. This compliments the natural shape of your ear by creating an seamless silhouette. 


A stud or accent earring belongs best in the last piercing, tying all the pieces together. We love an ear cuff that hugs the ear if you don't have an extra piercing! Don't be afraid to play with gemstones, dangling chains and chunky statements to create a fashion-forward earscape. 




Love this launch? Check out all of our earrings HERE and bling up your collection! 


Class is dismissed!